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Help & Advice

The relationships that we form with each of our farmer partners is unique. Here, we answer your most commonly asked questions, but please get in touch for further information.

How do I pay for my advice?

Quite simply, in a way that suits your business! We decide what services you really need
and then agree a fee structure together; whether an area fee or hourly charge gives
you the best value depending on the level of support and advice you require.

Must I purchase my crop protection products from Agronomy Connection?

No, you are free to source products from wherever you choose.

What research and development are you involved in?

Not just the same old replicated plots! We’re looking for solutions for the future as well
as today so we’re working projects such as conservation agriculture and understanding
the interaction between cultivations, soil health and crop establishment.

What about advice with other aspects of my business?

Through other group companies we have access to best in class business, environmental,
regulatory advice as well as soil health experts and precision agriculture specialists.


We love to connect. To contact a member of our team, please use the appropriate method below.