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Who We Are

Our simple approach brings farmers and agronomists together, combining expertise to ensure successful crop production season after season.

We aim to take the stress out of your agronomy management, staying one step ahead at all times to pre-empt and resolve issues before they arise.

Agronomy Connection benefits from access to market-leading products. We are happy to recommend and supply the best products to suit your needs.

Helping to Maximise Crop Productivity

At Agronomy Connection, our highly experienced team takes pride in establishing and maintaining trusting partnerships with our farmer customers. This combined expertise is delivered through a bespoke agronomy plan, taking into account the whole farming system to be effective and efficient.

We constantly revaluate what we do, never taking anything for granted. And we communicate our expectations through regular contact with our farmer partners to ensure we deliver the desired outcome.

Modern crop production is about being as precise as possible in everything we do. Being open to the elements and all the challenges that brings, we have to take full control of all the factors we can influence, and adapt to those we cannot.

That means working with the weather, not against it, adapting quickly to all situations and circumstances, creating programmes that are flexible and that can evolve.

With each decision we need to look forward, as well as considering the present, building resilience into farming systems.

We focus on the long term as far as rotations are concerned; making decisions in isolation risks unintended consequences. And we are conscious of value at every step. What will our decisions bring to the farm, what will be the returns?

We consider all aspects of the farming enterprise, not just one, taking into account its limitations while making the most of the opportunities.

We might not always agree with our farmers, but that’s not what we’re paid for. We’re paid to provide the best advice possible, by looking at all the aspects of your business through a creative and productive partnership.


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