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Balne Open Day

Each year we welcome growers to our Balne trial site in June.

The 2023 open day covered:
• Establishment, cultivation and soil health
• Regeneration – Bioscience and innovation
• Improving overall nutrient use effiency through innovation

And included talks from
• John Haywood, Unium – Bioscience technology
• Jon Telfer, Lancrop – Crop nutrition and analysis
• Dr Syed Shah, NIAB – Reducing reliance on soil applied fertiliser
inputs and nitrogen use efficiency
• Tim Lamyman – Farm case study

Keep an eye out here for upcoming dates for our 2024 trials events.

Thriplow Farm

Thriplow Farm is A 900 hectare all arable farm who have been in conservation agriculture for 5 years.

The trials are looking specifically at conservation agriculture aimed to show ways to fine-tune standard agronomy in order to consider wider conservational needs.

Click here to download our 2020 Thriplow Farms trial results

Pre-emergence trials

Seed treatment trials

Trace elements trials

Plant elicitor trials


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